NPC faction camp question and general feedback/experience

Howdy All,

I’m playing with 0.E experimental right now, downloaded about 2 weeks ago. Haven’t updated since. I’ve glanced through some of the stuff for the newer versions and not noticing anything massive or particularly impacting to the way I’m playing.

I’m currently testing out the faction camps using debug to flesh everything out. I did this on an experimental version of 0.D, i forget exactly when, so I’ve seen how the older version fleshed out the camps and I’ve been comparing the two.

I like some of the changes that have been made. It sill feels like you have to do a lot of work to get a little utility but that ignores the fact that you get to build buildings with npcs and obtain some utility at least.

2 Faction camps on either side of a road, this is the closest I could get them, their centres 5 overmap tiles apart.

So after a previous base that I made some choices i wanted to remake, I’ve come up with this, 2 camps on opposite sides of the road. On the left there are 4 farms, 1 fabrication workshop (top left corner of left hand base) and a canteen. On the right hand side Ive got a canteen opposite the left hand side, a chopshop in the top left of the right hand base (im hoping its on its last upgrade) 2 livestock areas, a storeroom and 1 farm.

Now the previous base I built was in an evacuation shelter and I thought I messed up my npc mission assignments cause the bedroom building stopped after i built 3 and I couldn’t build more or correspondingly any more base expansions. I’ve seen read a bug report that says the same thing, bedroom mission chain ends after 3 or so.

Now, with this built from scratch base Ive built all 6 bedrooms and put beds in them. Ive upgraded everything in both bases except the chop shop in the right hand base (hopefully on its last upgrade) and the trench in the left hnd base, ive not done any of those, but both radio’s have been built and upgraded, both canteens have all their platers built.

Slight, problem, I cant build a 7th or 8th module for either base. Everywhere ive read about them suggests faction bases can have 8 additional base modules. With a module being available after putting beds in each bedroom. Well there are no more bedrooms to build. ive got 6 with beds in, 6 modules on each base. Is it possible to fully fill out the bases 3x3 tiles with base modules ?

Im still fiddling around with what the base can do for me. The biggest plus i think will be saving many keystrokes planting and harvesting crops. Sadly the canteen planters dont have an option to plant or harvest like the farms do. Id like to see that feature added .

I made two lots of charcoal in the fabrication workshop. Thats another great way to save some keystroke/hassle. Again like the planters, the kitchens kiln cant be used to make charcoal via an npc. I just checked in my save game that they appear to be the same construction in both locations (the kiln) and they do appear to be.

I just placed all my cookery books in the camps storage zone and I was hoping I might see some more recipes appear in the kitchen but that doesnt appear to be the case, would be nice if that worked. Maybe that will be a thing in future.

I’ve been thinking as well that possibly adding the ability to cut logs into planks for a mission would be nice, save me having to do a bunch of keystrokes on the logs the NPC’s bring in. I havent found a way to get them to do that, I dont think they can.

Im surprised (but happy) to see dehydrated fruit on the list of kitchen recipes, a bit miffed theres no dehydrated vegetables in there or canned vegetables (canned meat is there). I also note the single size of jar option for canned meat. I havent tested whether the dehydrating can use a vehicle dehydrator yet its on the list of things to do.

For base module options, id like a couple more choices on modules, maybe mine and chemistry and/or other workshop type. The mine digging a few tunnels beneath and then providing a passive tick of rock/pebble/large rock/scrap metal (?)/copper (??).

Which reminds me I plan to link my two bases above with an underground tunnel. I think im going to be able to mine a down stair inside each base and dig a tunnel between them and add underground storage under each base module relating to the function of the module. I beleive I can now cable lights and freezers downstairs to solar array above them. I wanted to build base fortifications around both bases to encompass them both but the road prevents base fortifications being built across them. No problems since i left space for a self enclosed wall around both bases seperately. I might edit the overmap to remove two road tiles to allow me to close both bases together but building the pallisade base fortifications has only built some pits which only slow zombies down. I was hoping for an actual wall. Not sure wat the deal is with those.

(copied this from my reddit post will edit my overmap pic of both bases in soon)

I’ve gotten NPCs to make planks from logs, I think I had to use zones and then give them orders directly? I had a bunch of NPCs equipped with every wood cutting tool I had all set to work for hours making planks.