NPC Diseases & Reality Bubble

Build 30580ff
Windows 8.1

NPC Diseases don’t go away outside of the reality bubble.

More an Enhancement since you’re asking for time-checking outside the bubble (not always simple and can slow up processing), but sure, this is an issue.

Are they smart enough to know to take specific medicines for specific ailments? Last I checked, NPC’s that sent you to fetch antibiotics would just stand there forever and eventually die of infection with the unopened bottle of pills still in their hand.

Sorry for being unclear. I mean diseases of the form “asked to ____.” If you are outside of the reality bubble (such as on another z level) when you come back several days later npcs will insist that you just asked them to train and tell you to give it a while. The result is I end up treating my sleeping location as a resource that I need to allocate near the npc I want to train from / be friends with etc.

Yeah, I wondered about that for a second but realized that it wouldn’t make much difference whether it was a “real” disease or just a status-tracker one. Problem remains that the NPC needs updated for out-of-bubble time.

They have some hard-coded items they use. Not a lot and the list is outdated.