0.C-9794-g14d21ff - NPC dies after teaching me stuff

Experimental build 4271

Debug shows me an error “Completed Mission 10 was not in the active_missions list” while in the process of learning stuff from my friendly NPC. After I press spacebar to dismiss the message - the teaching process completes successfuly by giving me a level at the skill I wanted and this NPC dies immediately after that.

Strange stuff occured before that: I met another NPC and took his quest of killing zombiemom, I killed her and then went back to the “" sign marked on my map, but when I came there, the NPC that gave me this quest was not in the place of "” but was slightly offset, being above it.

It’s impossible for me to tell from the video or your description. There is code in place that will make NPC’s heads explode if their logic gets stuck in a loop. They can also die due to infections from a bite. I’ve never witnessed the former, so I don’t know if it has a special message, but the latter just says, " dies." Do you know if the npc had any wounds, perhaps a fight with some zombies pulled it out of position and it got bitten.

P.S. If you 'e’xamine the npc you can look at/treat wounds. It uses the same color scheme as player injuries to show infections and bleeding.

Well, I have waited for things to happen and he dies anyway. Also I have checked his wounds and they’re all green, though they have some liiiitle injuries

While not exactly a bug, there is an issue with the interface: infected wounds are marked in green too.
Asking the NPC to “tell me more about yourself” should reveal the status.
Also, in new versions the infected NPC should complain about infection before dying.

Oh… is there a way to give him things? Even if I have 100% on all the commands he refuses to take weps because he DOESN’T TRUST me enough and regarding meds - he simply lacks the room for it. How do I manage his food, drinks, etc?

Okay, I have figured it out, I have sold him my food, thinking that he may be very hungry or thirsty, but to no avail, he dies anyway

If he has an infection, you’ll have to treat it with antibiotics. If he will let you, and you can spare them, try treating each bodypart with antibiotics. I’m not sure of the procedure for that, I’ve never treated an NPC’s infection because until very recently, they were very quiet about going into septic shock and dying. I usually either lost track of them and found the corpse later or they vanished and I never find them at all.

Giving meds directly is currently quite new and has arbitrary requirement of trust.
Using a first aid kit on the infected wound should work, though.

I just picture trying to chase some NPC down to heal them though. Would be funny if they didn’t expect some random nut job chasing after them with a medkit lol


…what he say? OH CRAP HES AFTER ME!!! runs