Man the guns (and other NPC suggestions)

I’m wondering how practical it would be to add a few further additions to flesh out NPC behavior, in particular that of recruited NPCs.

Spoiler due to idea dump:

[spoiler]First, getting them to man turrets. You can nudge them onto a turret manually, but as far as I can tell they will never use it. This is compounded by the fact they always prefer to wield whatever weapon they have available. If we can implement allowing NPCs to use vehicle-mounted guns, we need code in place that makes them unwield their weapon to fire the turret.

Second, allowing this behavior to be controlled in the combat commands menu. This would be simple enough, a simple allow/deny option just like with grenades and noisy weapons.

Next, the idea of letting NPCs carry gear for you. Trading for items is a rather awkward way to use NPCs as packmules, but doable. Still, it’d be nice if you had a separate “barter” menu allowing you to give them items and retrieve them without having to actually buy it back.

Obviously this hinges on them actually trusting/liking you. If you piss them off in a way that doesn’t drive them fully hostile, it’d be logical for them to “forget” to return supplies they were holding onto for you.

Next, additional options to allow NPCs to automatically give you back or even use your supplies on you without being prompted. This should ideally be a simple yes/no option. In the case of ammo, it would check for if you’ve run out of ammo that they’re currently carrying, not counting whatever’s loaded in your gun, and should also check whether handing it over would overencumber you.

For medical supplies, they could possibly use bandages or first aid kits on you if a body part’s health reaches a certain threshold, like maybe half. This is assuming you’ve set them to allow using borrowed gear on you. However, because self-aid takes a certain amount of time, medical attention from NPCs should require a yes/no prompt, and likewise take time comparable to some extent to using it on yourself. They should only offer to treat you if they aren’t currently targeting an enemy, and refusing the prompt should prevent the NPC from repeating the request, and generate an additional conversation hook. This option is used so that, after the action’s over, you can request that earlier-refused medical assistance, and allowing it will reset the “NPC’s first aid has been refused” setting.

Finally, there should be a second setting for borrowed items, whether the NPC is allowed to use borrowed supplies for themselves. If enabled they could claim and use medical supplies if injured, or ammo if they run out of personally-claimed ammo, assuming they have a weapon that uses that ammo.[/spoiler]

Any thoughts about these ideas, and what would have to be done to implement them, would be appreciated.

I’d say we should drop the idea that NPCs need to trust you at the moment.

This would make sense if NPCs were fleshed out entities with goals to pursue and ideas on how to get to those goals.

With the current implementation, it results in stuff like players pushing gun-wielding NPCs into traps (especially dissectors) or zombie hordes to loot the corpses.

By having NPCs obey commands more closely, they’d actually have a higher chance of surviving, because the player would care for them more.

Ill really like some sort of manage party UI, like those that RPGs use. Allowing stuff you to set the NPC clothes and prefered melee/ ranged and backup weapons for all your active followers.

Could be great from both a RP perspective and from a practical one.

On a side note, Im not sure why the you need to make speak roll before getting to know the stats and encumbrance of following NPCs. Sure it might make some sense, somebody you just met isn’t just going to tell you all the stuff they are good/bad at; but in a game this just adds to the problem outlined above.

True. As it stands, NPCs obey combat commands without hesitation.

Either way, I want an assistant automatic rifleman. o3o

Sorry for the necro, but with the rework of inventory(and extra stuff getting dropped), I went looking to see if someone else had the same request that I did. And turns out that Cendlebury did. Namely:

[quote=“John Candlebury, post:3, topic:10088”]Ill really like some sort of manage party UI, like those that RPGs use. Allowing stuff you to set the NPC clothes and prefered melee/ ranged and backup weapons for all your active followers.

Could be great from both a RP perspective and from a practical one.[/quote]

Because other than this sort of system it would be next to impossible to get your companions armed and armored for things like taking on bandit camps.

Oh yum, a zombie necromancer.

But yes, I would love such features.

Seconded, I realize this likely coming down the pipe already with the farming commune and expansion of NPC followers into creating your own faction. But being able to equip NPCs to your own specifications with gear and weapons would go a long way to incentivise me into making use of them.

Edit: First it’ll be Dawn of the Deputies. Then the New England Shogunate will have it’s day in the sun.

Instead of just chucking rocks at them and luring them into their own traps. :V

Short of my last murder and eat every living thing I see survivor… I don’t think I’ve ever acted aganist an NPC in malice, short self defense of course. I’ve racked up atleast a dozen counts of “pre-emptive self defense”, but they were all bandits I swear!

I have led starter NPCs into traps actually. But my latest NPC-trolling spree was all bandits. Cheeki breeki.

A couple NPC suggestions…
Be able to recruit them and have them go back to your home base (They move to a tile the player defines as home via some keypress/command menu).
Once there the NPC could have special items they could craft or just high end items based on their skills.

Could be a difference between, “Hey, join my group,” and, “Hey, come to base, it’s safe there. You can peddle your wares there.”

If this were implemented, NPCs should be required to eat, ug… another system needing coding. Bah!

Rather sure that they already do the first, with bulletin boards and the camps you make with them.

I had no idea that is what bulletin boards were for. :stuck_out_tongue:

Party formations would be pretty neat. The Flying V formation is up in my alley for melee-centric groups with a one or two ranged fighters at either ends. Now that we have shields, tis work!

The Flying V for Victory!

I almost forgot about this thread.

I still wish we had a “hold this junk for me” menu separate from barter. ._.