Nowhere map glitch

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Recently I was just sort of surviving, a portal storm happened and I went into the alien structure thingy, the one with the warped walls and the “investigate strange location quest associated with it” .
I have messed around a bit with it in the past so I’m pretty sure you can’t open your map while inside of it, and it says I’m in “Nowhere” on my sidebar, however even after exiting I cannot open my map short of using debug teleport.
I have tried using debug commands to spawn in another portal storm but the alien structure never seems to reopen the portal and if I teleport into the alien structure (nowhere?) it doesn’t shift around or anything and it keeps saying there’s a endless hunger nearby and if I use “list items around the player” and swap it to monsters, I can see it inside the Nowhere, even if I’m just in the overworld.
Additionally the portals at the bottom that teleport you back are absent and the portal to the outside doesn’t do anything upon interaction.
Additionally even after waiting for a natural portal storm, the Nowhere is nonfunctional, can’t enter it, can’t exit it or interact with it in any way.
The actually message I get when I try to open my map is “You have no idea where you are.”
I am playing on an experimental build and on build number “2022-07-04-1508”.

So this bug was fixed in the version the day after the one you have. You can use debug commands to fix it. If you use the debug command to set the time and set it to be a couple years in the future and then wait a turn the effect should clear and you can then set the time back. This will cause another portal storm and possibly other minor things but will clear the problem.

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If this is caused by an effect, you can use the debug menu (Player > Edit player) to remove such an effect.

Its not. Its caused by a timed event which can’t be directly manipulated but can be cancled with time changes