Nordic/Southern traits

Nordic: you are more resilient to cold, you need lets say 20less heat on all body parts. Costs 2 points

Southern: more resilient to heat, you get -10 heat on body parts when you reach the “too warm” limit. Costs 1 point.

So both could be traits, or you could work in that Nordic would be less heat tolerant, while the southern would be less cold tolerant.

Keep in mind, names and numbers can and prob should be changed, but im just throwing the idea out that it is posible for people to be more hot/cold resistant if not both and that it could help out ingame if you either end up wearing too much or too little heat items.

I’d probably use the Southern or Desert Person trait more so can wear thicker armor in spring and summer :slight_smile:

I like this idea! Sounds like a very nice concept (numbers are all still up in the air of course :P).

Im glad people are liking this, and yeah numbers are still up in the air, i just chose these values since for me being mroe cold resistant would be better since i dont like being encumbered too much, but like Stevensonz says, that he would benefit more from being more heat tolerant :slight_smile:

You could always just use ‘heat tolerant’ and ‘cold resistant’ if you didn’t want to pick witty names and still have them do what they say on the tin.

I would not be averse to seasonal advantages and disadvantages such as these.

Sounds like a couple of nice traits to have. Either as mutations or cheap starting traits.

I’ve had this idea in the past. Still a good one, even if I’m not advocating it. :wink:

One level makes sense for a typical human; more than that might be achievable via Mutagen. Thinking Beasts/Cephalopods* could be cold resistant, and Reptiles/Birds** seem heat tolerant.

*Giant squids tend to spend time in deep oceans, not noted for their warmth.
**Birds is a bit of a stretch, but thinking thermals, etc.

Well, why not have sort of a region of birth system, where people from a certain region are better suited for things and ended up in New England for some reason, like Nordic could be people from like Sweden or Finland, while more heat tolerant people could be from another part. It would also add a bit more personality to the character, providing the option to choose where your character lived and what he may have experienced. Could be a good basis for roleplaying things.

Yeah that could be a thing, but i think that adding a region of birth would not nececarally mean that the person would be resistant and adding a region of birth would probably be a better choice if the game had regions, so you could choose or be randomed into a certain region which would have its certain weather and longer summers and shorter winters or something like that. So i think adding a couple of traits would be much easier than adding regions to better fit the birth scenarios, but i dont know about how hard it is to add something to the game and just giving you my 2 cents :slight_smile:

Unless the game suddenly stops being set in New England, where you are from (while still totally plausible given immigration) is still going to be limited to where you are now. Basically I feel similarly to how Ceasar does.

I think there should just be a ‘temperature tolerant’ trait that reduces the penalties for both and is resistant to the effects of temperature extremes. Sensitivity to the heat or cold is basically psychological anyways, until there is hypothermia or heat cramps or whatever. People can survive ridiculous heat if they keep drinking enough water. You didn’t’ see soldiers in Iraq really being impacted by the 120F heat even with all the body armor and heavy clothing covering everything but their mouth, basically. The cold is more dangerous.

Also a trait where the survivor doesn’t receive such a heavy penalty for being in the rain. Plenty of people are used to working outside in the rain and being wet. It’s only water, ffs.

You forgot about other traits with the named ones. For example, Turkish people along with Greek ones have a constitution much more suitable for drought and heat than, say, the German type. The frontal lobe is stretched for eyevision, and these people tend to have longer and thinner noses, again - 'cause of heat. Not taking it to extremes, though - if you’d like, I could have it written for high-humidity racial traits. Always wondered about Aborigines people, they lived off the land and by the looks of them, they seemed totally unsuitable for such arid conditions.
Also, remember this - people have dyed their skin in the past for a reason. (!)

Okey firstly that becomes really complicated if you want to go into that much detail, there is no need to over complicate this. And like i said before there is no point to adding a race/nationality thing if the game goes on in one region. If your world could get set into a cold region or a hot one, then it would make sense to let you you have chosen what kind of race/nationality you wanna be. But until that happens there is no need to make this so complicated and just adding a couple of traits that would provide a bit of cold/heat resistance is the way to go.