Moving North to avoid the heat

My character unfortunately mutated and gained a really thick fur in the middle of Autumn although winter approaches soon, I can’t just stand having myself scorched to death stuck inside my own base, so I figure maybe I should move north and maybe I could go into colder regions, is there really a place like that?

Not currently. The entire game is set within 1 region which has a single climate.

Would it be possible to code in like a temperature modifier that analyzes the player’s distance from its starting point and when a player hits a certain length it would throttle the temperature depending on which direction the player took?

If that’s implemented then biome generation might as well be in too, because you’re not going to get much of a temperature difference by going north or south if you still stay more or less in the same region.

Anything is possible. Someone just needs to work on it.

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I thought it was pretty close to 1/2 degree F per degree of latitude (0.7 C per degree latitude, per,Latitudinal%20temperature%20gradients,Southern%20Hemisphere%20(Figure%20S2) which is 0.4 F - pretty close). It’d be more than a few hours’ drive before you really start changing climates, and even then the difference is pretty mild. Within CDDA’s climate model, southern Canada, New England, and the mid-Atlantic states like Maryland are all pretty much the same thing.