Noob mod questions

I don’t know if this is in the right place but I think it is

I wanted to have a challenge where the character was so bad at defending himself that you need a bodyguard robot so I did that added a new robot and monster Faction when it dies it becomes Broken you can repair it with a lot of things and junk To Create an inactive robot again

It counts as a pet for the character but when I activated again It doesn’t want to follow me I found a strange Solution pet food just Feed It Bird seeds then it becomes your pet again and starts Following you my theory is that it’s a bird controlling the Giant robot

I have Red a lot of the moding documentation and I feel I have probably Mist something

If someone has a more elegant Solution you can Point me in the right Direction Thank you for Reading

If the challenge starts you with an item that has the use_action of place_monster, then you can use is_pet: true to make it spawn as a pet.

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That seems incredibly useful thanks now I just need to find it

I have Try that out And I didn’t manage to get it working the first time So I read your post again carefully and Find the right place now it works thanks

no problem man just dm me if you have any other questions

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You shouldn’t have said that because I am pretty new have a lot of questions

Lucky for you I like to try figure stuff out myself
Now i am a little stuck with is there away for a mutation to lower your overall close combat damage even with Weapons without lowering strengt

Something like Melee_damage -10 I don’t know if it’s Possible but it seems like it

I am calling them mutation baby Punch
And it Forces the player to use range weapons and Other different means of fighting

That might be possible to implement with a condition-activated effect on condition, which might nullify the damage of an attack if the opponent is within a 1-tile radius of the player.

I got it to work with this

“enchantments”: [
{ “condition”: “ALWAYS”, “values”: [ { “value”: “MELEE_DAMAGE”, “multply”: -0.5 } ] }

Fighting a tough zombie with a combat knife is like fighting Senator Armstrong on Revengeance

It’s exactly what I Was Looking For

Oh before I forgot I didn’t come up with this Solution myself it was keefteefa all credits go to him I just want it to post it here if someone is looking for it

So Monsters can have special abilities But is it possible to have multiple special abilities with different cooldowns I have not find a exempel of this so I wondering if it’s Possible

I think so, I believe that the shadow uses an array of special attacks.

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How could I have Mist this sorry but thanks

Quite welcome, no need to apologize. The monster documentation should be helpful for a lot of this.

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