Non-passive traits

Hello. I’m going to spew out some ideas.

Non-passive traits! (Some high level, specialized fun stuff.)

Dead Eye
Your hand-eye coordination with a pistol knows no bounds. You are able to line up X (depends on stats?) shots and squeeze them off with lightning speed.
Pick where your shots will go and unleash the carnage in barely any time at all. Probably needs a long cooldown.

Motor Jesus
You know cars. You even love them. Enough so that you can lay your hands on any broken down machine and give it a temporary boost of life.
Temporary hit points. In case you ever run your ride ragged and need to get out of a tight spot.

Glowing Personality
Your positive energy emits light! Rads might have something to do with it as well.
Put that good mood to work. Happiness goes away at a slightly faster rate as you become a source of light.

Digestive Reader [size=8pt]Too funny.[/size]
My, you’re a strange one. You can eat a book and slowly digest the contained information.
Don’t overdo it! Books are filthy so there’s a long cooldown.

Don’t Panic
You forget all about time, space and everything in between for just a moment. This allows you to walk through walls until you regain your senses.
Can’t stop you if you don’t believe it’s there, right?

Spontaneous Combustion
Foosh! Explain it or don’t, you burst into flames and set your surroundings on fire.
Oh GOD! Why would you want this?!

Some neat stuff in here, but mostly it seems like stuff that would be better handled through mutations or bionics.

Primarily, most of these (with the exception of Motor Jesus) are really kind of too powerful to be starter traits, and you don’t pick up traits as you progress, so there’s no natural path to these outside of Bionics/mutations.

Also, they kind of seem like they are more about being funny than about gameplay enhancement; which isn’t a problem in and of itself, of course, but they might need to be toned down a tad.

Also, Glowing Personality is all around terrible: It consumes a positive resource (happiness) to produce a negative resource (light).

It’s like a happiness draining flashlight.

I think these might be good as achievements, reach X skill or touch X item to get X ability.

Yup. They’re skills, talents. Use at your own leisure. And yes, Glowing Personality is more of a mutation but it’s also something you should be able to toggle so it ended up here. And it doesn’t really work as a cyborg thing.
These are just concepts for another concept. Skills you can apply in various ways. High level stuff. Things you really need to earn.

Energy costs, bodily strains. Cooldowns. Should work out. With a bunch of polish, of course.

More! [size=8pt]Because I can. Do join in if you feel so inclined.[/size]

Like A Boss
You fade into the shadows. Moving at a slow pace will effectively render you invisible. Better hope you don’t smell too bad.
Too much light or actions other than moving cancels this. A possible escape/infiltration method if anything. Robots/Sensors will still spot you. Long cooldown.

Pocket Monster
You know goo. You know it so well that you can make it explode from a distance.
Sploosh! Not a huge explosion, but still. Probably hurts if you get it in your eyes. Medium cooldown.

Golden Vocals
You use your voice as a weapon. One precise scream and every living thing around you just stops for a while.
Limited range. The scream still travels and enemies beyond the effective range will come running. Oh no! Medium to long cooldown.

Live Wire
Be it the fillings in your teeth or something else entirely, you pick up and hear radio broadcasts in your head.
Good thing you can turn it off, hm? Should probably make you sleepy quicker.

Praise the Sun!
You absorb and store heat from the sun in your body.
Temporary warmth bonus points. Trickles away with time. Lasts a few hours, less if freezing. Long cooldown. (No pun intended.)

Whoa, you turn into sentient gas! This means you drop all of your equipment. You can’t be hit but you slowly lose health for as long you stay in this state.
One last ditch escape effort. (A special treat/mutation for smokers, perhaps?)

You can light fires with just your hands, you pyromaniac.

Add a gluttony reflux mechanism, if you get really fat you can spit acid at at things for the cost of health.
Also being overweight makes you move slower but have more insulation, armor and possibly storage (hide that cocaine under a roll of boob fat).
Being skinny does the opposite basically.
I would consider that weight is not a passive trait because you can turn it off and on (eat lots of food, or exercise or some other bullshit like liposuction augment)

And have a clown trait , constant honking noises that cannot be turned off, but you get the ability to throw pies at stuff and dropped banana peels make everything fall over.

YES. We need ss13 clowns, they fit in perfectly. Negative mutations could turn you into a cluwne.

Cluwne mode. Honk!


[quote=“Slax, post:5, topic:95”]Praise the Sun!
You absorb and store heat from the sun in your body.
Temporary warmth bonus points. Trickles away with time. Lasts a few hours, less if freezing. Long cooldown. (No pun intended.)[/quote]

If only I could be so… grossly incandescent…

Space lube. Lots. Of. Space lube.