Err… where is the code for making noise and how much of it there is? Specifically for firearms. I can’t find anything in the ranged or the ammo jsons.

It’s hardcoded into make_gun_sound_effect() in ranged.cpp.


Thanks i2.


But is there any way to change how loud a gun is when you fire it?

if you look at item::noise(), you can see that the volume goes up with ammo damage, but can be reduced by the loudness property of gunmods, e.g. supressors.

But some of my weapons have integrated suppressors, so then what?

So then they are either much less damaging, or they don’t suppress. I’ve been wanting to affect loudness too.

People are not gonna be happy if a full size rifle does only 2 damage…

And now you know why nobody’s made a VSS already.

This needs an optional loudness property added to guns, and updates to item::noise() to apply it.
Also needs updates to item::display_info() to let people know about the suppression stat.