Help with JSON editing?

I’m trying to get started on editing JSONs, and while most of it is self-explanatory sometimes I just can’t figure it out. Two from my early explorations into weapon creation:

  • How do you control how much noise it makes? I know noise is ammunition based and calculated based on damage but there are exceptions like the 12mm railgun and I can’t figure out how to invoke them - there’s no flag on the ammo or anything. Is it just hardcoded?

  • How do you determine how much UPS charge something uses per shot? Some weapons have USE_UPS_20 and the like which is pretty self explanatory, but others are just USE_UPS .

Thanks for any enlightenment you can offer, and I’ll almost certainly be back with more questions :slight_smile:

Loudness is always calculated based on damage (with a possible exception for gunmods, which I believe have their own “loudness” values). The reason the results might seem strange is because there is a spike right at 7 damage, where the noise amount shoots up by around 20 or so. At the moment there is no way around this.

Currently there are three different UPS flags. USE_UPS (5 regular, 3 advanced), USE_UPS_20 (20 regular, 12 advanced), and USE_UPS_40 (40 regular, 24 advanced). In order to add other values you would need to change some of the source code, and is beyond the scope of json modding.