Noise while sleeping

Any idea why I might be generating so much noise while sleeping? Am I snoring THAT badly?

Do you have any bionics possibly? If not I assume it’s your bones rattling around because you need more calcium in your diet. I recommend bone broth and leafy greens.

No bionics. I definitely need more calcium in my diet.

If you’ve got farming ability, raw rhubarb is the next best thing in the game to milk and cheese.

Dandelion greens should give twice the calcium they usually do. It’s kind of upsetting. As for OP’s noise making I honestly have no idea. I don’t see a message about an alarm going off which would have been my next guess.

I do have an alarm clock on that bed tile, but this was mid-sleep session. Can’t think of anything that should be making noise within 10 tiles of my bed.

Snoring should be a negative trait while sleeping. Sleep apnea also.

Such things would probably get me killed if the mobs were real.

As someone with sleep apnea, I would be pretty dead in any kind of apocalypse. Hell, I can’t even crash at a friend’s house unexpectedly – I can’t sleep without electricity. Two days without my CPAP and I’m about as functional as a zombie.

I feel the pain. My CPAP doesn’t do it for me and the mouth prostheses doesn’t work either. So having Sleep Apnea as a huge negative as well as a Snoring trait would be great…and a little close to home -_-

Anyone want to code this in?