No way to accurize a bow?

I’ve come back to the latest experimentals recently after a hiatus, and a firearm repair kit no-longer accurizes a bow, neither does a basic repair kit.

Will a gunsmith kit work? (Haven’t found one yet.)

If not, as a real life archer, I suggest we make a Bow Repair kit (I suggest a screwdriver set, + some kind of wax, fat or tallow + long string) which should be charged with wax or fat.

Which bow exactly? Various bows are made of different materials, and that could be the key. Try soldering iron or welding rig, though.

I haven’t used bows in a year but i thought it needed laser sight or some other mod attached to it?

My understanding in experimental builds is that bows and other firearms can no longer be “reinforced” like melee weapons, clothes, armor, and tools. Taking a soldering iron, sewing kit, or duct tape will not improve it beyond a light green/standard rating.

There are mods that can be attached to a bow to increase accuracy and the like, four in total if I recall correctly.

I know that arrow rest and bow sight are two of them. If you have the skill (fabrication, I think), you can craft these mods and apply them to a bow.

Crossbows are capable of holding other mods, such as those that are commonly associated with other firearms.

Pretty sure you can.