No one does laundry before the apocalypse?!

I hate to say this, but I’m struck by the fact that none of the houses have any sort of laundry facilities.
You could even have clean clothes as mood modifier. or even a health modifier.

Hell bathing in general would be a decent thing to add.

Just my $.02

There are some houses, though not many, with washers and dryers.

I guess in the cataclysm-universe, lots people have some weird fetish for dirty clothes.

There should be a laundromat building where you can find clothes.

They probably have “communal” laundromats? You know, kinda like those found in real life apartment buildings, but instead spanning a whole community.

Found a large number in the basement of the hotel (also has a pool so that makes it a good base of operations I think, water taken care of!)
But otherwise haven’t seen any in houses.

I was gonna say that it might make it too easy to get hard to find components if almost every full sized house had a washer and dryer, but then I remember carmaggeddon outside.

a laundromat might be cool though, carts filled with pants/socks/unmentionables and other sorts of clothing. also a good source of bleach and detergent (bombs ho!!!)

maybe they just have special self-cleaning future clothes.

nahh, we should add laundry rooms and laundromats.

Im pretty sure what you meant to say kevin