No NPCs (almost)

Since this is the newest NPC thread, I ask my NPC question here.

When I turn off dynamic NPC, can I get more followers than my starting one? I only have seen bandit and refugee center staffs, which cannot become my companion.

There’s a mercenary at the refugee center.

Thanks for the information.

That’s much less than I need though. I thought NPC could spawn in evac shelter.

I’ve put quite a bit of time into my first game and have never encountered a single NPC.

My settings:

NPC spawn rate .10

Since I set both static and random NPCs to FALSE, does that mean they’ll never spawn? Used default settings here.

Basically I’d like to occasionally encounter an NPC, like maybe a couple per town I encounter, something like that to mix things up. Suggestions?

Then set Random to True. The coefficient only applies if at least one of the 2 settings is ON.