Dynamic npc spawn question

Did something happen with dynamic NPC spawn in the latest versions? When I started my world they were spawning okay but stopped approximately after I started main quest line. Maybe there is too many static NPCs on the map? refugee centre etc.

Also in the debug menu in check game state section it’s written “NPCs are NOT going to spawn” and next spawn turn is lesser than the current one. Help ))

I had the same problem as well. My old base was close to a refugee center and outposts, even when I had the npc spawn rate way up.

When I left the base, and moved far away - like at the edge of the visible map where hordes began spawning again, NPCs began crawling out from everywhere.

I’m not sure since I haven’t coded a thing in my life, but reading the symptoms tells me that they’ve coded in some ‘maximum’ for NPC’s in any given area. Perhaps in an attempt to prevent technical issues, or simply to prevent NPCs from eventually outnumbering the zed’s given enough time.

I’m sure though that since you can go to a new area and find new NPCs there that you can ‘import’ NPCs into your original area purely by having them follow you to whatever base there is.

Seeing how buggy NPCs can be, I have no issues with a maximum of spawneable NPCs in a certain given area, knowing they’d probably end up torching everything they see with flamethrowers.

Too many NPCs can be a bit of a problem, especially if they’re not part of the group so they could potentially loot my survivor’s items.

On the other hand, to have a steady cannibal diet my base has to be far from refugee centers and outposts so NPCs can spawn.

I think I asked this befor but for an NPC to loot does he have to see the stash and items OR
when I am away from my stash does it SIMULATE NPC`s taking items.

oh I see. my base is near to refugee center that’s why crazy loot carrying idiots are not spawning any more )