No More Cooking 10 Book?

So I’m getting along in my game and I’m trying to get cooking 10 so I was looking for the Best Practices for Compound Delivery book which used to train cooking 10 but now only trains cooking 4.
How am I supposed to get cooking 10 now? Grind? Is there another book now?

That´s in last experimental (10.412)?
In 10.406 was fine.
You use mods?
Apologies for my english.

I’m on 10352

These are the mods I’m using.

Mutation Changes is the culprit here. It changes Mutagen recipe books to train cooking in the range of 3 ~ 5. This is because one of the original intents of the mod was to promote early mutation and so mutagen recipes were made easier to make and learned at a lower level which led to the changes to mutagen books. Eventually when someone was fixing the mod after it broke the easier mutagen crafting got removed, but the book changess were left untouched making it actually harder to get enough cooking to craft mutagen with that mod enabled.

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Junknown is correct. I disabled the mutagen changes mod some time ago once the lack of support started causing some issues. I wasn’t even aware somebody picked it up.

Thanks, I just debugged myself from 9 to 10 since I’ve got the book that normally would give me 10.

Raising cooking is extremely easy once you’re at 8, a couple of big batches of mutagen will bring you to 10 no problems.