Any mods that change the pacing for mutagen recipes?

I’m just getting back into this game after a lengthy hiatus, and I’m coming across a real nasty case of alt-itis that repeatedly kicks in just when I’m geared up for Lab raids (especially considering the warzones that the recent stable updates made labs into).

See, I really like the mutation system, but the only mutating items you can get before you start breaching Labs are so inefficient that they’re barely worth using. And, unless you’re a real rockstar, you’ll only safely raid those Labs when you’ve already got enough gear and supplies to make most pre-Threshold mutations underwhelming! It really feels to me that, in vanilla, there’s not much reason to settle for the mutagen middle-ground when most characters with access to mutagens can just refine them into serums and start barreling straight past the Threshold.

Is there a mod that makes it so that basic mutagens become available either from auto-learning or from non-Lab-restricted books? I vaguely recall one mod in the past that did just that, but I have no idea if it’s still compatible with the current version.

PK rebalancing has this as a feature

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you MAY find the books for mutagens (or even the mutagens themselves) from the top level of a science lab before you go down any stairs (although you either need a keycard or a way to break walls to get them you will be safe with possible exception of 1 turret (that won’t be an issue if you use keycard here) ) where their is only a 75% chance of 1 turret and their are no other enemies until you go down