How do I level cooking(Past 4)

I was able to get cooking to 4 but now I’m stuck. Whats the best way to level it? Or would it be better to find books? If so, which books do you recommend?

All of the books! I pick up any unique book that has red colored text. Don’t throw them away. Even when grey, you can use them to teach NPCs. Yellow text ones have recipes you can reference the book to make. I have an entire storage area tile in my deathmobile tank dedicated to hoarding books for these reasons.

Possible exception of phone books. They make great fletching.

I always eat those. To fuel the Internal Furnace. My guy is as omnivorous as a forest fire.


Get some books for recipes, then cook stuff. Cooking 4 is pastas and preserved foods: sausage, bologna, canned meat, canned soups, and raw lasagna and lasagna. You can also tan pelts and make some first aid items to raise Cooking.

What would be the purpose of teaching anything to an NPC when they are little more than fodder because bad coding?

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Batch crafting and playing an illiterate character.

Interesting. Thanks for the angle. :slight_smile:

Also, NPCs won’t always suck. Plan for the future. I’ve got a bunker I’m cramming full of robots, weapons, ammo, armor, and supplies in preparation for the day when NPCs become useful. When that day comes, my army will go forth and reclaim the world in my name.