"no food distributed at drop area"

I’m trying to set up some food stocks to be able to upgrade my camp but it never lets me no matter where I put it. the thing says its opposite the door (no idea where the hell that means) between the manager and the wall (tried that didn’t work). The food i’m placing has an enjoy ability of +2 (fresh rose buds) but it still won’t register.
Could somebody please this crystal clear where exactly the heck they want me to place this thing and whats going wrong? Because setting up a camp is beginning to cause me a massive headache

Open up Zone Manager ( Y key )
Is there a basecamp:food zone listed? if so, delete it and replace it somewhere memorable.
do you have a loot:unsorted zone lsited there? if so, delete it and replace it next to where you put the basecamp:food zone.
If either of these zones do not yet exist, make them, and place them next to each other, somewhere memorable.
Then drop food into the basecamp:food zone square you designated, then open up the camp distribute food mission.

EDIT : ah you said camp manager, which means your playing an old version, perhaps 0.D stable?? if thts the case, then my memory of how that system used to work is spotty.


I remember having this issue as well with the old camp. I agree the words are confusing on where to place food to add to the camp’s stockpile. I eventually figured it out though. Place the food outside of the tent behind the NPC manager. Leave an empty spot between the tent and the food. It’s been a while but this diagram might help:
M tsff

t = tent.
M = NPC manager
s = empty spot.
f = food.

If that doesn’t work try putting food where the empty spot is as well.