Newer tilesets don't fallback to ascii

One problem I encountered is that newer tilesets such as Coleen’s don’t fallback to ascii, but instead a default tile. This is the entire reason why I’m still using RetroDays. Does anyone know how to fix this?

It was extra effort on Antistar side to made his tileset fallback to ascii. I don’t know details, but tileset author needs to add tiles for ascii characters at the end of their .png file.

It’s actually pretty easy to do, I think, but I need to find 32x32 ascii tileset that falls under CC-BY-SA.

A quick google search finds this website,

And there’s a few CC-BY-SA 3.0 and 4.0 fonts here

and all the fonts on are either apache or SIL open, which are at least compatable with GPL.

Licenses are hard, but you could always steal the ascii from retrodays. Whatever font it’s using is either compatible, or awkwardly not.

Unfortunately creative commons licensing seems pretty draconian in terms of official compatibility with other licenses.

this filter might help. Just change the stuff after site to a font library site.

It’s probably a wrong place to ask, but are Dwarf Fortress tiles, comunity askii tiles free for distribution?

Uh, yeah, you’d have to ask at Bay12.

And more generally, CC-BY-SA means that you’re free to grab from other DDA tilesets. Normally that’d be questionable form as you’re copying someone’s art, but I would hold that the ASCII fallback symbols are useful infrastructure, not creative work.