Newb questions

I have a few questions if anyone can help:

1 - is there a run/sprint button for running from zombies? Or do you just keep moving seeing as they are usually slightly slower anyway?

2 - for the first time ever I managed to establish a safehouse, with all but one window boarded up (unfortunately I then got killed by a spitter in the basement of another house). Do people generally board up all but one window, or all of them and then prize one open when you need to go scavenging? And what about the doors?

3 - I was trying to sleep in my safehouse, on a bed, using an unfolded emergency blanket (not sure if that was necessary though), but I couldn’t get to sleep, and I couldn’t work out why. I wasn’t hungry or thirsty, and my morale was fine. What could the reason have been?

4 - without giving spoilers, is there any way to “win” the game, and if so, are there multiple endings?

5 - assuming thst I manage to survive long enough to have a safehouse with food etc, what should I start doing after that? Will exploring the other types of buildings cause story-type events?

  1. By default it’s ", but it only works in experimental versions.

  2. Board up only those windows that have no curtains to close. If you sleep underground, you don’t need to care so much about boarding up.

  3. You need to be tired to sleep well. As in, have the status “tired”.

  4. No, currently there are no endings

  5. Make a big vehicle

For 3. To unfold your emergency blanket you need to activate it. Press the a key which is apply/activate with this you can fold the blanket up again after use. It keeps you warm but won’t necessarily help you get to sleep. Try find some cough syrup that will knock you right out, get’s you tired quickly. Booze can help too I believe, helped me, in game that is.

OK thanks.

I was going to donate a little bit to the project but the “Support” button seems to lead to a “Page not found”. Unless it’s because I’m trying to access the page on my phone?

Also, what do the symbols mean for the clothing (the green lines etc)? Do they represent the clothing layer and/or damage to it? And how about the numbers and their colors relating to body parts on the character screen?

The green lines on clothing relate to Durability ( Not 100% on the characters and colors, but this is a close guide:

++ reinforced (dark green)
|| normal (light green)
|\ slight damage (yellow)
|. more damaged (purple?)
. really damaged (pink)
… almost destroyed (red)

The health lines use the same concept; you just get more vertical lines at full health.

I dnt know how to start a new topic and figured newb question was a good place to start
I was going to also ask Why is it my veins itch and I’m coughing heavily is it I ate raw meat or vegetable accidently No status viewable

If you ate raw meat you could bave gotten a parasite.
Parasites will not be shown on your status. You ll ne a blood analysis or simply test anti parasitic drug or royal jelly.

for future questions it may be a good idea to post here you can learn few things too by reading other questions and answers

Thanks, will do