Newb questions: Lava, youtube tutorials

Just discovered this game a few weeks ago. I’m running 0C-6784 on my Apple.

  1. Despite the information on the wiki about Lava, I do not seem to be able to get close enough to it to cook with or craft within the light emitted by it, without getting blistered from the heat. Is that the way it’s supposed to work? I might just be too used to playing Wayward, where a nearby lava flow is a plus for your base.

  2. So far, i’ve only managed to last maybe three or four days maximum, with an average gameplay lasting less than 8 hours after I leave my starting location. Typical reasons for death have been either getting a leg infection that doesn’t go away with cauterization, or making the mistake of traveling during the daytime, and getting swarmed. Would anyone like to pimp their tutorial videos to me?

  3. A few books on First Aid claim to have recipes for Disinfectant in them, but these recipes don’t appear in the crafting menu, and I have NEVER found any in about 40 hours of gameplay. Nor, for that matter, antibiotics of any kind. Can I only see recipes for goodies I am skilled enough to craft? Where do these goodies hide on the map?

1- the wiki is incredibly outdated, getting close to lava will have your flesh react in a relatively realistic manner (you will burn to death)

2- cauterization has only a small chance of curing infection, there are higher chances that it will make it worse, Rot’s guide :

3- The recipe will only show in your crafting menu if you have the necessary skill to craft it, you can find First-aid kits and desinfectants in doctor’s office, in the bathroom of house (rare occurrence I think) in Ambulances, and hospitals, antibiotics can be found in the same places as first-aid kits (minus houses I think) plus in veterinarian clinics. (first aid kits will desinfect wounds)

Hold on, I have notes on this.

In the last 12 worlds I have generated, covering 18 characters, I have made it to 5 doctor’s offices, 9 pharmacies, 2 ambulances and 7 vet clinics and an uncounted number of houses. In those games, I found no first aid kits, no disinfectant, 2 bottles of antibiotics, and 8 sets of 3 bandages.

After reading your post, I decided to download the latest experimental version I could find, OC-6882. I found a bottle of antibiotics in the first house I visited. And then promptly died from some sort of invisible night terror that had knockback. Second character got waylaid by an antlered horror and a zombear. But hey, the problem seems to have been solved by updating. :stuck_out_tongue:

I read Rot’s Guide shortly after posting my original post. Just checked it again. Not seeing any info on how to read the health condition screen. Presumably, red text means bleeding, blue text means infection, and green means something else. Can’t figure out what, though.

Anyway, thanks for the info confirming that the problem was in my build.

Still hoping someone will post tutorials or newb survival guides. I understand how the rapid pace of development makes such things difficult, but it’d be fun to see. more guides

Mostly I learned by watching (and found out about the game) One F Jef’s videos :
He is only on Twitch as of recently, he plays DDA there from time to time.

I mostly learned what not to do (his motto is victory through incompetence) but he actually knows what to do to survive, but is more concerned with having fun and getting an interesting story.

Red = that part of your body is bleeding

Blue = that wound received an infected bite/minor infection

Green = the wound is infected bad, even if you clean this wound you will still suffer some lingering effects (nausea, pain and such)

Thank you very much! You were both very helpful :slight_smile:

My guide is a general how-to to help those having a difficult time with early game, or really any general area you might have difficulties with. Obviously I can’t put a guide on literally everything, but as long as you ask I can answer your questions.

It’s a decent guide imo, if you look into it you’ll find different enemy types, where to loot to find what, what weapons are effective, etc.

But yeah, the health stat isn’t visible. I think you get messages after you wake up from sleeping. You can read them here:

If your wounds are bitten (limbs are blue) then cauterization has a small chance of curing it, but if it fails it speeds up the process of infection, and if it passes that threshold you get a full-blown infection which needs antibiotics to cure.

Sepsis is pretty nasty, as it gives a ton of debuffs, even after you cure it. Though these are only temporary if you’ve taken antibiotics of course.
Sepsis gets worse and worse, depending how bad your infection is (it gets worse over time) you get increased debuffs and eventually it’ll kill you.
I think you have a small chance of surviving without antibiotics, but antibiotics are a 100% guarantee of your surviving. Royal jelly also has this effect, but royal jelly is a rare but effective cure-all.

Hope this helps, try and skim though the guide and see if it’ll help you out. Ask me if you have specific questions.