New vivid Terrains mod (+ UndeadPeople tileset sprite support), Archery rebalancing and Restored Pneumatics+new ammo mods

1) READ THIS : This mod (TerrainBASE) is a BASEMOD for other modders to use, if you want to use the terrains from this mod in your JSON maps and structures, you have to put both your mod and this mod into mods folder, IMPORTANT - make your mod dependent on this mod in your mod’s modinfo.json file, then simply copy and freely use Terrain IDs from this mod in your JSON maps and structures

The first ( TerrainBASE ) mod has been made by me and SomeDeadGuy himself, it adds 10 new floor tiles , 10 new liquid tiles , 11 new wall tiles - all have vivid and nicely made colors by SDG with some of my advice :slight_smile: , red, azure-blue, green, purple, cyan, orange, black, yellow, coral, sandy-brown floors, liquids, walls+extra lava wall tiles

These tiles are for anyone who wants to make an alien/Xen-like/sci-fi or fantasy/RPG/magical or whatever JSON maps and structures in their mods, once again, simply make your mod dependent on this mod in your mod’s modinfo.json file

The sprites are in the mod folder itself, this one supports UndeadPeople tileset ONLY, all of the sprites have been made by SomeDeadGuy

2) The second ( Make_Bows_Great_Again ) rebalances bow and crossbow arrow/bolt damage to make them stronger and more fun to use again without making them overly OP

3) The third ( Pneumatics_Fun ) puts back into the game removed Pneumatics, Rail weapons from the vanilla and blazemod (courtesy of SouP), it adds brand new pneumatic weapons pellets and ammo that can be crafted that is a wee bit OP but nevertheless fun to use


Feel free to leave feedback here guys, I’m the creator and maintainer of these mods, they must work both on 0.E-2, latest experimental versions as far as I’ve tested :slight_smile:


Updates, rebalanced some stuff and lowered a bit damage of some weapons and ammo to strive for the most balanced experience possible (bows, arrows, bolts and crossbows, pneumatic pebbles), fixed some stuff in TerrainBASEmod as well