New trait: local; New profession: truck driver

You have a knowledge of the surrounding places of interest, like gas stations, malls, places you frequently used before the apocalypse.

You start with a map, can stay up for longer and know where to possibly find trucks, warehouses and garages. You are not too picky about food and get less morale penalty for things, like being dirty, wet, etc…

Seems kind of OP, IMO.

I say it’d be a worthwhile profession, not a trait. Point wise, that is.

They presented a trait and a profession both, if I’m reading the title correctly. As two separate things, that would make them a bit less OP.

FTR: there’s actually a Git issue/pull related to this.

Less map in static-spawn

May bear thinking about.

Truck driver’s bonuses should be restricted to things that are definitively to do with the profession itself. Being resistant to morale penalties from being dirty, wet, eating crap food etc deserve a separate trait, in my opinion (e.g. Gourmand).

I’d change that to starting off with caffeine pills, personally. (If Tim Hortons coffee were a thing ingame I’d suggest that haha.)

Sits and lurks quietly, stalking for a good post to follow up on

OMG what’s the shelf life of timbits? mouth waters

I’d like to see a truck driver occupation perhaps it starts with like a skill in driving

OMG what's the shelf life of timbits? *mouth waters*

Depends entirely on the timbit variety, and how cast iron your stomach is.

Other than that, better than you’d expect.

So basically, a dude who starts with boots, jeans, a vest, a cowboy hat, caffine pills, a map and a free point in driving would be fine.

I have ideas for balancing the truck driver: he’s 50% slower at learning about computers, killing female zombies and healthy dogs (maybe for the elderly too if they get added) give moral penalty, that would be capped, say, at 100. Also, not driving for a while would result in moral penalty too.

What, like a driving addiction? That’s hilarious.

And he has to start with meth and crackpipe.

I’ve never seen truck drivers like that.

Eh, must be a geographic thing.

I mean the truck drivers are know are generally nice people. And if I see them near highway entrances they always pull one lane in, so that faster cars can go on their way.

I would suggest Death Wish coffee :smiley:

Yeah, this sounds fine. Maybe start off with tire tool or something. A baseball cap instead of a cowboy hat, it’s the North East, after all.

Not meth and a crack pipe no, a six pack of beer and a playboy xD