Looking for a mod that builds pressure over time, and never truly depletes!

Hey not sure if there is a mod like this out there, thought I should ask here (Mod requests are usually moved here?)

Does anyone know a mod that:
-Turns back on dynamic spawn? I heard (And it seems) for zombies that static spawn is now mostly on, unless you add hordes.
I like how areas can repopulate over time, at least in the cities.

-Starts off with basic robots, normal zombies and low level otherworld creatures, that then begin to evolve over time?
I want ‘special zombies’ to begin to mutate into existence while I play but only regular zombies on game start, so that as the game goes my strategies have to change with them. Also, I find the ability to kill shock zombies and butcher them for CBM’s in the early game makes CBM acquisition a bit too easy.
Also makes all enemies able to evolve to be even tougher than they are now.

Anyone know a mod like this?

It’s in the game. There’s an option under worldgen called “Monster evolution scaling factor.” You can turn that to whatever you want. That affects how quickly the monsters evolve. If CBMs bother you, you can always disable them in the mods. I think.

Could always go grab an older version of the game, with dynamic spawns. Zombie evolution is a thing, although I don’t think it applies to any of the other monsters

You would need to go back to 0.9 if you want to play Dynamic Spawn, it got dropped in 0.A.

PK’s mod might be what you are looking for.

For dynamic spawn you can enable the wandering spawn. Zombie hordes will be in almost every cities and they are attracted by noises so more will come with time.