New farmable plants/seeds?

Working on a tailoring/wilderness survival mod, and I’ve got everything I need to make cotton a thing except… cotton. How would one go about creating cotton seeds that would respect the need to develop the cotton bud items when they were harvestable?

Well, as a replacement, you might be able to add a cotton ball item available by disassembling or finding in places that manufacture it (clothing stores maybe?). But if you want to make it farmable, you could

  1. Figure out the current farming code
  2. Add cotton bud spawns in farms, it’s in json so it should be simple

Already added them as an object to the “produce” and “hydro” item groups, so that should do for spawning them in farm maptiles. No idea how to even find the farming code that would allow me to get a seed item to grow into the desired item, though.

Still, making it harvestable would be a good idea.

Farming code is probably going to be in the source. I seem to recall some one person working on it at a time? Can’t remember any names.

Rivet is on the case.

Curses! Always I make a mod just in time to find someone else has already done it better. :smiley: Ah well, I’ll post what I’ve got here once I’m finished testing anyway, what the hell.