New Eating Mechanic

How bout we just add lots and lots of more food recipes with more and more interchangeable ingredients? It was super cool when Rivet added like a ton of new foods to the list. Most of them creating something pre-apoc using unexpirable ingredients post-apoc. It doesn’t seem at all tedious to me, since whatever you can make just goes to the top of the list anyways.

I like your idea about the increased usage of furniture thing. I can imagine workbench-esque furniture required for certain chemical, electronic, or construction recipes. Obviously a chair and table if we want to enjoy spaghetti fancypants french baguette linguini pasta. Maybe even those guys from the tools thread can create various tiers of eating utensils so you can enjoy your food better? I personally am not a fancypants, but using a spoon for ramen is not +FUN.

Also, mustard is obviously the best condiment because it doesn’t rot!

Yea, I think the meal thing is interesting, even though I don’t know how to implement it, and the furniture thing is interesting and shouldn’t be that bad to implement. Particularly nice once mood/morale is evened out a bit to have longer term effects.