New Disadvantage- Chronic Migraines

Occasionally your character will suffer from SEVERE pain, nausea and dizziness.

Anytime light glare or a noise notification (Shuffling, screams, gunshots, etc) appears during a migraine, pain will bump up by a large amount causing an increase of Nausea and Disorientation.

Your character will have a small window of warning (About 10-16 hours for Major, 20-24 for Minor) allowing for preparation.

A ‘Minor’ case of Chronic Migraines will be heavily debilitating but is unlikely to put you into shock, especially if medicated with painkillers or depressants. May cause vomiting but if pain is managed it is unlikely. Crafting and any actions above brisk activity are slowed by 100%.
Averages once in 7-20 days.

A ‘Major’ case of Chronic Migraines can put someone into shock unless properly medicated with powerful sedatives or depressants with Painkillers (Dangerous combination btw, dose carefully or ask a doctor if you can find one in the apocalypse)
Extreme nausea will scale with pain and if not medicated will cause vomiting which can lead to starvation and dehydration. If in shock could cause suffocation (Drown in vomit)
Severely debilitating- Staggering movement and extremely slowed crafting (All).
Averages once in 16-38 days.

In both cases will cause exhaustion and tiredness to build much quicker.
Will last between 8-36 hours in either case.

I base this off my own experience- Ended up in the hospital once because of one and actually blacked out. Woke up very confused and with about 3 IV drips in my arm.
And that was after about 2 syringes of Clinical grade Gravol during an ambulance ride that didn’t stop the wretching.
Got home and slept 16 hours.
Was not a fun weekend.

Migraines aren’t deadly on their own. Maybe if someone falls or passes out from dyhydration or pain but a Migaine itself doens’t cause any kind of damage. Yes they can be very debilitating to completely incopesitating but not deadly.

Migraines are pretty terrible even without a flare of light or loud sound, and I am glad that someone seems to understand that lol. Main problem I see is that the migraines might get annoying after a while, so it might be better to give less warning to make them more dangerous as opposed to an occasional inconvenience.

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This would be a good feature to go along with dehydration, rather than being a disadvantageous trait to start out with.