Some New Disadvantages For the sake of Further Suffering!

I had a few ideas for additional disadvantages to make things more interesting, also for a few characters I had in mind.

Disadvantage: Spinal Degeneration Minor/Major 2 Points/ 4 Points
Since the sky split/Since that creature looked at you your back has been itching and you can’t carry as much as before, and it just keeps getting worse!
Over the course of 30 (Minor) or 5(Major) days your Max Carry Weight and Torso/Head HP is reduced up to 30%. Start with -5% of both on the first day.

Disadvantage: Permanent Spinal Injury 3 Points
Due to an injury in the past your back is weaker and tender compared to others.
When over 25 Encumbrance on the Torso gain pain, when over 75% of max carry weight gain pain quickly, reduce max carry weight by 15% (Can stack with Bad Back) and reduce Max Torso HP by 20% (Stacks with other HP reducing Disadvantages)

-The pain can be dealt with via painkillers and pain dampening CBMs.
-Can be cured with Alloy Plating Torso, or by a new CBM that replaces the Spine.

Disadvantage: Weak Right/Left Arm, Weak Right/Left Leg 1 Point each.
Due to a past injury one of your limbs is noticeably weaker than usual.
Reduce the HP of this limb by 25%, stacks with other HP reducing traits.

On that note I have been gone for a while (Over a year) and there is alot I like as far as changes go, but now I have no idea about the ease of adding Advantages/Disadvantages.

Does anyone know how feasible pain generation from weight less than 100% and from part specific encumbrance is?

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Some traites that are temporary but really add some difficulty too your start like the weight ones would be cool. Something like having a particular limb broken, starting with really low head or torso health or starting with a potentially deadly or crippling disease.