New critters package!



New wildlife ~ wild turkeys, raccoons, opossums, eastern timber rattlers, and giant mutant crayfish!

Fraccking hell Rivet.


Wow, you’re pumping out stuff today man.


is this in the stable .8 release or the experimental?

Just the experimental right now.

-I- line of approval with Rivet.
Other than that we could play as “The Coon” Cartman mutant character now, just glad that you’ve picked those affiliated with the region and not any razor-teeth-bearlephant-cyborg wangs. :slight_smile:
Mundane as they are, snakes could be an efficient yet quick to add feature - just keep in mind they could be concealable (as traps, maybe?) if you may. Dibs on snakecharmer, too!

The rattlesnakes are already in the experimental.

And they can rattle at you, too!

Oh, the toxic wellness. Well, Sticks To Snakes… I mean, back to work. :stuck_out_tongue: