New Crafting Feature Bug

First off, this is my first time posting and I’d like to thoroughly thank you all for the great work on Cataclysm DDA. I’ve been increasingly hooked to the game, and v0.3 fixed and added a lot of really cool things.

One of the best features of 0.3 is the feature for crafting the last recipe you crafted again. I’ve just noticed a pretty blatant bug with the feature: it lets you craft even if your morale level wouldn’t normally permit it. I noticed this bug when I went out in the rain without a coat to go boil some water by the stream. I smoked a few doobies to cope with my wet, disgraceful task and begin crafting. However, even though the morale from the joints passed quite quickly, by using the repeat recipe function I was able to keep crafting even though I was unhappy and wet.

I assume this shouldn’t be too hard to fix.

Post it on gibtub

Its easier for the devs to keep track of the bugs/glitches if you post this stuff there.

But yeah, until they fix it… LETS CRAFT STUFF UNDER THE RAIN!


I can’t help but notice your comment was quite eponysterical.

Is that a typo, or is that what all the cool kids are calling it these days? :smiley:

Wut? So there is a repeat key now? I MUST FIND IT.