Window Shutters or Curtains for vehicles

Are there anything like shutters or curtains you can install on a vehicle to control LOS for your windshield?

My goal is to be able to “close” my windshield (or something in that location) and shut out line of sight, bonus points if it opens/closes all matching tiles next to it like the trunk doors. I’ve tried shutter doors, trunk doors, sliding doors and opaque doors, but those all either block line of sight even when open, or never block line of sight except when closed. I’ve considered using “internal doors” but I don’t know if those will keep weather out when shut.

I would be fine tearing out the windshield entirely and using a shutter, sliding, or roll up style door, but it seems curtains might be the way to go if they’re available

ok, I found the curtains (just dragged a sheet nearby and it showed up so I probably wasn’t seeing it earlier).

Would it be possible to add shutters (metal sheet maybe?) that would act like sliding doors for curtains (i.e. open/close all touching ones together)?