Nerfing of handmade items

one again this is probably just another suggestion that would require a massive code overhaul and thus will be ignored but what the heck, it’s the suggestions subforum =D

so: nerfing of handmade items (based on char’s fabrication skill etc.) compared to industrially produced ones.

rationale: while some relatively simple items can be produced even in a shack in a good enough quality that their main characteristics don’t suffer (fur follmats? blankets? bandages? etc.) — others just won’t have the specs on par with industrial quality ones (batteries? microelectronics? vehicle components? etc.) no matter how hard one tries.

My hands craft in industrial quality or above. Quality made in germany. The quality of these gems that leave my hands upon completition should be buffed instead.

Why a massive code overhaul? Just add makeshift variants!

Also, when you are skilled enough, you tend to make stuff better than industrial. That’s why a handmade vase is worth more than a normal base!

Son, my mechanics is at 57 right now. Any vehicle my hands touch is fit for a god.