Tank treads worth it?

I have a opportunity to salvage most of a tank… My question is this - is going from armored wheels to tank treads worth it?

I have the skills and time but I lack the knowledge of if it is a decent option…

They’re very durable and have excellent traction. I’d say they’re superior overall unless you need to go extremely fast. Honestly though, you’re very unlikely to ever see much of a difference between them and armoured wheels in normal gameplay. Taking them is mostly a thematic choice.

If you’re using Electric Motors (which require a lot of energy), then speed isn’t a concern (they’re much slower than Engines, from what I’ve seen). There’s a type of tank (Atomic Mini Tank) that uses Enhanced Electric Motors.

I once added treads to my War Rig (in addition to its 32 inch armoured wheels), they cut my safe max speed from ~190km/h to ~80km/h. I wouldn’t say they’re worth it.

I almost never drive over 80 kph anyway. Too easy to die that way. Depends on your playstyle I guess.

@psyxypher - Coincidently the potential donor vehicle is an Atomic Minitank. The enhanced electric motor has already been fixed and moved over to Eagle Five.

@Aggregate - Speed isn’t a large concern to me.

In the end I decided not to install them. The deal breaker was the weight, over 600 pounds per is way too much to me.

Thanks for the input guys!

A bit of a derail, but has anyone used Shredders before? I was planning to use them instead of Military Composite Rams and was wondering if they were useful.

I’m curious as well.

I generally don’t go above 90, I just like having the extra speed available.

Thirding the Shredder question.

Well, I guess there’s only ONE WAY TO FIND OUT!

Just give me the time to gather up all the rebar and or pipes. And a night’s sleep.

Heck, I hardly get over 60 or so.

Shredders are a pain to make, but they’re fairly nice. At medium speeds, they tend to turn zombies into meat without taking much damage.

Military rams are durable enough, and tainted bones useful enough, that shredders probably aren’t worth the bother on most deathmobiles. If you manage to find 30+ blades, though, I would recommend it.

If you ever build a high speed boat, shredders are essential. You hit so many invisible fish cruising through deep water at 50 mph that you boat gets destroyed unless those fish are pureed by shredders.

Nice. Makes me wonder how well they would work mounted on the front of a motorbike.

I get fine speeds with tank treads with a v12. Like others have mentioned I don’t typically drive above ~100mph, because the best way to lose a character late enough in the game to build a deathmobile is to crash into something going 200mph. Even if you survive you’re going to atomize half your vehicle, probably.

Since we’re talking about rams, roller drums are actually the best if you can find them. They do 500% damage, but are ridiculously heavy. I used them to clear a path through a forest a couple of times when it was a location I travelled to frequently and going around took too long. Had to repair them after crushing a couple dozen trees, though.

Aside from rollers what is the best way to equip a vehicle for getting through bushes and possible trees?

use fires to clear forest paths.

Or a Fusion Blaster Rifle. Less efficient, but pretty fun.

I equipped some Shredders. They seem to work like glorified rams. Their description implies they can be turned on, but I don’t see that option anywhere in my Deathmobile Control Screen.