Necromancy mod suggestion (was in Latest Expermental Features thread)

Any chance the Necro mod could just work on corpses directly, instead of needing chunks of meat?

For example, bear corpse + control chip = friendly bear?


I’m looking at the Necro json files (something I’ve literally never done before, looking at code) but couldn’t there be a crafting recipe that takes corpse X, then outputs a living X, based on the monstergroup of the corpse used in crafting? So this could be done and just naturally work with every creature in the game w/o having to manually make a crafting recipe for every monster?

Kind of, what we could do fairly easily is make a crafting recipe that takes a corpse, any corpse (along with other stuff) and turns it into a special item that when activated will spawn a monster. When you craft with something it stores the identity of the items used to craft it.