Necessary parts for working vehicles in experimental build?

Is an intact seat necessary to drive a vehicle in the experiment build? I found a car with gas, wheels, a working engine, and intact controls, but I can’t do anything with it aside from turning the engine and the lights on. I noticed the seat where the controls are located is broken. Am I doing something wrong, or is an intact seat necessary? This is the latest experimental version I’m using

Yeah you need a seat of some sort to drive them.

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Asking on 4chan was the first mistake. The second was thinking you’d get anything serious outta it.

Wait, did you include the game’s name in your 4chan post?

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Oh, and if you have a hacksaw, a wrench and a welder somewhere stashed away, you can just remove an intact seat and move it over to where the controls are, or remove the controls and move them to an intact seat, at which point it should be drivable.

I don’t think repairing a seat needs any more than 1 mechanical skill, maybe none, and I know for removing you need none.

For tools, you can often find them in garages, or better yet, in a public works.

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