NBC mod returning



TL;DR Working on gasmask mod again and it will be better this time, framework already done and tested but on old experimental version, let me know if this is still a good idea. No links yet, sorry.

I know I posted only once or a few times, if anyone remembers my ‘Gas mask and NBC suit rework’ thread, and it seems that my efforts have disappeared into the mist, but it only seems that way. I may also post in The Toolbox section, because I honestly have no idea what I’m doing. I’m learning though, and you will be able to tell an improvement in the quality of it. The mod last time was very proto stage and unpolished, didn’t work the way I wanted it to.

I have been working on this mod intensively, mainly reworking my messy code and trying to slim it down into packs of various things. Breaking it up from a single megamod into small standalone modpacks, for NATO gasmasks, WP gasmasks, military surplus SCBA, hazmat suits, handmade/survivor masks, as well as a modpack for craftable and discoverable bugout bags that have gasmasks inside. Also a megamod that includes all of this together so you don’t have to download ten different things.

It’s easy to get sidetracked from this project and wind up working on other mods. If it is interesting enough I will try to get it finished soon. I have a lot of completed mini mods that add various stuff, if anyone is interested, like handloaded silver bullets, 40mm and throwable fungicidal grenades, that sort of thing.

Anyway, I fixed the issue of the masks not deactivating when filters are used up. Now the filter drops off the mask when it’s used up, making a smoother action. If I could assign a hotkey to swap filter or attach new, that would be ideal. That will be a separate thread in the Toolbox section I suppose though, a lot of things I want to do with this mod, I’m not exactly sure how to implement.

I have to redo the entire crafting trees for the components, since fixing the main issue broke the crafting in a different way. Also have to add the survival, XL, and handmade versions masks. plus some balancing. As soon as that is done, I will be releasing a base mod test using the GP-5 gas mask, although I have been testing it extensively myself.

For a few experimental builds it was broken completely, I have been testing it on 6706, but I just got latest experimental (7782 at time of this post) and will see if it breaks anything I have done so far.


Sounds impressive. Will be keeping my eye out.


Lot of personal stuff happening, but still working on this. Have completed the spawning list (finally), but crafting still a nightmare, no survivor craftable masks yet. It works though, I haven’t tested on new(er) experimental, it worked fine on 7782, though that build itself was broken. When I’m at mod machine I’ll zip the file and toss link here.

Still bogged down by which masks get the XL flag for mutants. I think to simplify, since real world masks be difficult to wear on tentacled or bug mutant face, the XL masks only be for the survivor crafted masks, to preserve balance.

Maybe a very, very rare horse gas mask, and less rare size 4 shm helmet mask with the XL flag, as those really exist, though hard to find in the US. Most NATO mask will have the XL flag added, because of adjustable straps on the actual mask, but tradeoff be NATO masks hard to find, especially in good condition. All of the NATO mask come later, I know a decent bit about WP masks, not so much Western masks. Barebones testing packs soon, very soon, probably within three weeks. I think waits will be worth it.