Give claws and talons the cutting quality?

Not as good as a proper knife for carving, I imagine. Butchering should be doable with claws as well.
Dunno how possible this is at the moment, wishful thinking though!

Claws are for grabbing, not cutting. Some large talons (no meaningful difference from claws) can make extremely coarse cuts, but it’d be like saying you can use a nail as a cutting tool.

If we have some wacky blade-like appendage provided by a bionic or mutation, then maybe, but claws, talons, and pincers aren’t reasonable to use as cutting tools.

The claws as the exist might, MIGHT be REMOTELY useful for tearing, maybe opening cans, but not precision work. Think of it this way, a spear will penetrate human flesh pretty well, but you’d be daft to try and cut up cloth for example with it.

Then again I still find it difficult to believe you can cauterize your wounds with a Nodachi and other hugeass swords.

Imagine cauterizing a wound on your chest with a broadsword…

“Come on, no… Ow, shit. Ah, gotta keep it away from my neck…”

Always thought of the claws as fairly large, but now that I think about it, that would make gloves unwearable. Oops, oh well!

The claws should at least be as good as a pocket knife for “butchering” when used for making zombie corpses unable to revive. Maybe there should be a difference from cutting tools and butchering.
And also you should be able to cauterize a wound with any metal object if you have the time and “energy(such as lighter charges)” to heat it thoroughly.

I disagree merits-
As stated before, claws are for grabbing. Their only ‘sharp’ edge is their point. It isn’t a set of razors you’re attaching to your fingertips, it’s a small keratin horn.

How would one go about cauterizing a wound with a grommet? A statue? A tire spoke?
It needs to be flat. It needs to be appropriately sized. It should have a handle.
We forget this, though, for expedience & gameplay.
Oh and it should stop bleeding instead of prevent infection.

On subject though: I could see pincers providing shearing power comparable to scissors. Maybe?

Since crabs can sorta tear each other open with their pincers…I think itd be alot stronger than scissors. 90lbs PSI IIRC. So…Yeah But thats crushing. Scissors just have a pure edge to cut on…

/Aerial leaves, confusing himself.

Claws/talons are more like suturing needles or fishooks than razor blades.
Pinciers are more like nutcrackers than scissors.
Do we have a wacky blade arm thing?
I think there’s a bionic claw thing, that might qualify. (cue Wolverine jokes)

Adamantium claws, to be exact. Considering its material, it would be strange if you can’t butcher with it (though, much like the integrated toolset, it’ll likely destroy anything you try to cut apart).

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With the butchering thing, I didn’t exactly mean butchering the same as an animal, I was thinking more of a ripping tearing at the joints and main areas so it couldn’t revive.

And to cauterize myself with a statue, and I’m just thinking here never tried anything of the sort, but maybe take a welder to a flat part of the statue and then press your wound against it?

As for a tire spoke… okay yeah it does have to be big enough to cover the area, or just hundreds of tiny… no never mind.

I don’t have any problem with claws/talons/pincers being able to butcher a body beyond use, but I wouldn’t call it good for actual butcher work…

Oh god how do I finger butcher aaaa

I assume it would be like trying to butcher a corpse with a crowbar.

Which you can do in Cata, at least back when all butchering was based on cut damage. Even at high survival it rarely gave anything from it so… it isn’t even worth implementing imo.

A good start would probably be to ask her first. :stuck_out_tongue:
[size=1pt]I’m sorry that was terrible but I saw the chance and took it. XD[/size]

A good start would probably be to ask her first. :stuck_out_tongue:
[size=1pt]I’m sorry that was terrible but I saw the chance and took it. XD[/size][/quote]
Let’s be friends.

A good start would probably be to ask her first. :stuck_out_tongue:
[size=1pt]I’m sorry that was terrible but I saw the chance and took it. XD[/size][/quote]
Let’s be friends.[/quote]
Why am I always late for the jokes I could… Horribly mess up.

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