Unable to butcher with a wood-axe

Not sure if this is a bug or intended behavior, but I can’t butcher with a wood axe. It used to be the case that I could butcher with anything that had a cutting score, but has that been changed?

Forgot to mention: I’m using the latest stable build

I really don’t think a wood axe is good for butchering, so though I don’t think it was planned (and the butcher code in current experimental should allow it again, unfortunately) I’d call Working As Intended.

Try butchering a deer with that… You may as well just be putting it under a Guillotine.

I agree that it would not give fantastic results, but if your using butcher to dismember zombie corpses, i would think it would be effective enough.

In the update, you can smash [s] corpses into a immobile bloody pulp rather than cutting them up for all their useful parts, regardless of what you’re wielding.

Really?! that’s handy to know

better break out my atomic zombie smashers fists