Nagging notification on forum?

So I keep getting this stupid bull$h!t every time I log into the forum:
“Do you want live notifications when people reply to your posts? Enable Notifications.”

I click the X and figured it should be done with and this stupid thing keeps nagging me. Why the hell does it keep asking me to enable crap I don’t want?? I mean, why would I click it to enable the crap I would find even more annoying than the stupid nagging thing asking me???

Anyway to turn this garbage off?

Not sure what browser you are using but with firefox I choose the never allow option, and the website stops asking.

Not sure why it asks me to choose something to turn it on in the first place. I only get that literal question and I really think pressing the X should be done with it. I shouldn’t have to turn something on to get rid of it. Right?

Ok it isn’t the end of the world. But man, that thing annoys me whenever I log it. There it is. >_<

Glad it isn’t for everyone at least.

Just went into preferences and it says I would have to enable it in order to use it. Which…doesn’t really tell me how to have the question itself turn off. (I need sleep…sorry if you kept seeing so many edit changes)

As far as I can tell this is a bug, it is supposed to prompt you for this once and then shut up about it, as you expect.

The only workaround I can think of is to enable it and then disable it. I can’t find any mention of this bug searching discourse meta forums.

I don’t bother, since I clear my cookies every time I close my browser, and I figure that would undo whatever setting gets disabled. Hardly something worth getting irate over.