Mycus head problems

so, for the first time I decided to try out the way of mushrooms (why not)

And so, I’m standing in front of a majestic mushroom tower, and it pierces me, pouring juice.
and so I eat a fruit, wake up, look at my status window and everything is fine. I became a mushroom. but suddenly I noticed a very strange thing-mushroom tendrils ARE KILLING THEIR FATHER-TOWER.
this is absolutely the wrong behavior for them.

(I will also be very interested if they write to me how to play for mycus, where to get food and so on)

Well, im russian, soo i have only that screenshot.
“mushroom hedge hits the target (mushroom hedge) with its prickly tendril!
mushroom hedge hits the target (mushroom tower) with its prickly tendril!X2”

Also fun that NPC love funguses, and hate fungus zombies