Mushroom discord

little bit of faffing about with some item spawning to see how mutation works seems that the mycus identity mutation causes the hedgerows made by towers to turn hostile against other fungal entities towers included

Oh, so that’s what was causing that! I thought it was a change I made to monstergroups because it went away after I reverted it…I didn’t think about the bad habits that survivor had picked up.
This isn’t intended behavior is it? Maybe you are a subversive thought in the hive mind…

It also happens if you become Mycus the hedgerows kill the tower right infront of you same can happen with NPCs and other Friendly mobs they aren’t necessarily friends with each other just you. I think the tower killing itself(which goes for any future ones even without the trait once you go Mycus) is due to the fact they “try” to harm you.