My Saves Aren't Working Right

Is there something wrong with saves in Cataclysm? I’ve gotten this problem with the latest stable and experimental versions. What happens is that if I save the game and then die or delete the world, then quit the game and come back the world and the character are still there and the character is at the exact same point as when I saved the game.

Is there any way to fix this problem?

Would help to know your OS as well. Be advised that some folks really really want saves to NOT be deleted on death, too.

I use Windows 7.

Just checking, but you:

  1. Are not running from inside the zip file
  2. Have read/write access to the Cataclysm Folder?

If the game can’t write to the save folder it might be preventing it from deleting the old saves to clean them up.

Yes, I do run the application from inside the zip, but I’m not sure about the second one. Clarify, please?

Well, that’s probably the problem there. Windows might be able to add files to the archive, but removing them is another story. Let DDA have its space and your saves ought to properly clean up.

(Read/write access means that you haven’t locked the folder. Check the folder properties and possibly DDA’s permissions.)

Thanks for the help, folks, but I figured out the problem. It turns out I just needed to extract the files from the zip first.

That… pretty much exactly what we were saying. :stuck_out_tongue:

And yeah, don’t ever run games or other things from inside of zip or other compressed files. Always extract them first.