My option is how to make multiplayer

Hello everyone My ideas may seem silly, but I’ll try. In general, while I was reading the posts on how to make multiplayer in cataclysm, I noticed a couple of interesting ideas and added something of my own. Here’s what you can do:

  1. To figure out the time, you need to make the game turn-based, but in real time. And so that everyone doesn’t rush around the map like crazy, add a speed limit.
  2. Step-by-step control can be left in the battles, as in fallout online or as in regular TRPGs

Oh boy, its time for this conversation again. Comes up every few years.

The grand TL;DR here is that Ideas on how to solve X player experience/input thin are not the problem or deficit, it has always been the willingness to do the mass code overhauls (Practically rewrite) required to actually implement it. Nothing in the game is currently programmed in a way that would permit reliable multiplayer operations - Even something as simple as “Being in two different locations as once” isn’t supported by the engine, much less the required replication and network layers across all the various data. You’d functionally be writing a CDDA2 to actually make all the changes at all the fundamental levels required for the game to support multiplayer.

The game is volunteer driven and developed - So its not a matter of convincing some nebulous “development team” that we’ve finally got the ideas required to solve the issue, but finding someone willing to spend a few years of their life voluntarily on doing so. This person has to have the preexisting technical skill to understand the existing CDDA codebase, experience with building a ground up multiplayer and replication layer, and would rather see multiplayer implemented over the literally anything else they could add to the singleplayer game instead with that same skillset and time availability.

Compared to that, dealing with the problems of action and time sync between clients or combat sequencing is trivial, and anyone with the required technical skillset is going to be a clever enough person to make something work there.

There are games like CDDA but multiplayer already. SS13 for example. Yes, the crafting and inventory management is vastly simplified compared to CDDA but its a price you have to pay so that taking a cigarette out of a cigarette pack from the pocket and lighting it with a match from the matchbox from the other pocket doesn’t take you half a minute.