My horse is stuck underground! Help

I went downstairs in a LMOE Shelter and my horse followed me in and when I went out he can’t get out. How do I let him out?

Mount the horse, then move up the stairs.

It still doesn’t work

I tried in 0.E2 stable, and yes, trying to ride up or down stairs results in the message “You can’t go down stairs while riding”.

In my case the horse managed to follow the PC both up and down the stairs, though (at my base camp, dug down, so it’s not an LMOE shelter).

I don’t know if it works, but I’d try to swap places with the horse so it stands on one of the stair tiles when you go upstairs. If it doesn’t work I’d try the other one (there’s not much to lose, after all).

There’s a risk you’ve got yourself a self preserving meat reserve instead of a mount, though.

Interesting. My advice was based on my experience with mechs which are using same riding mechanics, and you can ride them up/down stairs.

Yes, I’ve driven a mech up stairs as well, so I thought the advice quite reasonable. It was only when @hello_world reported it didn’t work I decided to actually test it with a horse.

I just looked at the code, and there is indeed a check for your mount having MF_RIDEABLE_MECH flag. If it doesn’t have it, you can’t go up/down stairs.

Also, interesting thing: you can’t open anything while you’re riding but you can close things if you’re riding a mech.

I just tested (0.E2 stable, as usual), and I can open gates by riding into them, but can’t close them afterwards. Didn’t test the explicit open command, but expect it to not work.