My HOLY FUCK moment

so was living in a gas station on of those that have a bunker under it and do to lucky spawn i had some C4. thing is i never used one in game so i planted one to blow up the wall and door in the way in front of the turrests. the explosion went to the first floor and wreaked the building

Me spotting a horde of zombies in a shopping mall early in my CDDA game, i set the mall alight, problem was there was some mushroom spore floors all over the place, which made the fire from the mall spread through out the whole city, i watched it burn… all of it…

Back before static spawns were a thing, I was working on my base defences and a horde of zombies spawned on me.

I was killing zombie grenader first time, when I walked up to body I did see 2 grenades in “active” state, then I said FUCKIN SHIT and died of course.


Hohoho, death by 2 grenade hack is bad enough. But I have tasted the worst: A zombie grenadier activated A FUCKING MINI NUKE HACK, killing me and all my followers


Yep that one too, I survived though.

Throwing genades and they drop onto my tile instead of being thrown. Usually when I’m near a friggin gas pump or something too >_>

Made a lawyer character, planned to raise a whole army of minions to raid a nearby town. Turns out refugee center static NPC’s are dumber than rocks and I had to raid the town at night by myself. With no combat capabilities whatsoever I just planned on getting food and books, until I checked a milsurp store.

Guess what I find?

nice reminds me when i raided a radar station in fallout and found X-1 power armor when i was still using the base given to you armor with no upgrades.

I suffered the same fate once

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Years ago, before running was invented, I had a brute or a hulk punt me into the middle of a minefield. Luckily I didn’t land on any, so I’m attempting to very slowly limp my way out of the field as the big guy keeps getting closer with every step. I’m one step away from clearing the minefield when he finally sets one off and gets destroyed. I’m at the very edge and one single fragment hits my character in the head bringing the head health from nearly full to a little pink “/“

If he hadn’t been wearing a motorcycle helmet that would have been it. I still think about what that would be like sometimes. I imagine the shrapnel just nails it to your skull at that point.


and i am betting that was the most relieved you had every felt at that point?

Pretty much yeah. Thinking about it the minefield actually saved me since this character would not have won a fistfight with the hulkster

I’m still kinda new to the game but I’ve had some crazy moments for sure!
I remember around the time I started getting decent at using cover, I eased past a car in the street only to meet face-to-face with a zombie hulk.
This absolute unit smashed me across the street and into a house so hard I landed in a bedroom. With my body almost completely broken I shuffled through a door, closed it, and lo and behold, there’s stairs pretty much right there. I booked it down those stairs and waited for a looooooong time before coming back out. I don’t remember how that character left the Cataclysm but I was certainly surprised that it wasn’t that hulk that ended my run!