Help with Mac FPS when running game

Well, I have been playing CDDA at home on my Mac (Leopard) for about two weeks now. I love it. Cant get enough. I recently installed it on my computer at work (Snow Lion) and realized how choppy/slow the game runs on my comp at home. Particularly when i hold down a directional button to travel long distances the game slows down and some of the frames seem to jump and there are also these white boxes that pop up randomly around the screen in between frames. Is there anything I can do do speed up the game at home? Any settings that I might change? What can I do?


I have had similar issues.

The version of the OS should hardly have any influence on your FPS in my humble opinion. I personally saw a great improvement when I switched to a Haswell processor last summer, but hardware upgrade should not really be a concern for a Rogue like…

One thing I noticed had the most influence on the FPS before changing my Mac was the size of the Terminal’s window (I think it is called “view port” in the option menu). You might have enlarged it be able to have a broader viewing distance. In my experience however, extending the view port has had dramatic influence on FPS. So keep it small!

Another thing to do is disable the tiles. The game runs faster with the native ASCII graphics… I could notice this even on my new hardware (at least last time I had a build that would work on computer): large view port and ASCII graphics run super well. If I turn on tiles, it is just like being back to the old days (i.e. prior to my hardware upgrade…).

Hope that helps…

I am running official Ma on Mavericks. I have tiles disabled and the redraw speed is laughable. Please note that earlier versions (0.6 for example) were working flawlessly.


edit. - please note, that this slow redraw speed could be considered beneficial to the game flow, and I weirdly enjoy it.

You can increase the redraw rate considerably by turning off rain animations