Do you need special wheels to make your car move with electricity?

like it says up there /\

Nope, you just need a type of electric motor and electricity to power it. Generally, I use 24’’ Wide Wheel on my Deathmobiles as wheels, because they make great wheels (they’re really sturdy, and if combined with Heavy Duty Frames can tank a landmine).

Also, you seem to be asking a lot of questions. You think you could make one thread asking various questions for the sake of saving space?

Good point about the space I guess, it simply seems like a bit much to ask everything all at one place, even more so since I have a new question almost every day. Would a solar panel work just fine? And would a battery be a good idea since the solar panel obviously won’t work at night?

Electrical Energy is not a good choice if you plan to be driving a lot, unless you have a ton of solar panels and a ton of storage batteries.

Diesel, however, is a great power source. Unlike gasoline, its renewable via Biodiesel (found in a book), and also is pretty abundant. The V12 Diesel Engine is super strong (but usually comes with faults, so pick up Improvised Army Field Repairs).

Really, before you even consider using electrical power for propulsion, you should make sure you have enough power to run a minifridge first (they take a surprising amount of power).

Eh, I’d take gasoline over diesel, simply because it’s far more abundant. Diesel being renewable isn’t a big deal when you can just travel to the next town for a few hundred litres of gas.

It doesn’t seem like it would be too hard to siphon off some gasoline a lot of the time.

I’m pretty sure Diesel is stronger, though. By how much, I don’t know.

It’s cooler, as well. :stuck_out_tongue: I also use that Gasoline for creating napalm when I need it.

wait, how do I refill the engine? Does the engine type matter for what you put in it? And even if it does I grabbed the engine from a car that uses gasoline.

You don’t fill engines. You fill tanks. And you do that by pressing “f” in the vehicle screen.

so you need a tank separate from an engine? I guess that kinda makes some sense

engines are usually default as gasoline “V12” with other engine running sources added to the name “V12 diesel”.

Why does my engine always fail to start?

Probably faulty. Examine the vehicle and push “m” to mend faults.

‘mend’ doesn’t seem to work, even though I am pressing what is obviously the correct button.
Do you still need electricity to some extent? Me not knowing how cars workeded…

You need some battery charge to start an engine, yes. See if you can pull a charged battery out of another car.

Would a solar panel recharge the thing? If not, how would you do that? The best one I found was only 16%

It only needs a little charge to start the engine, after that it’ll power itself (assuming an alternator is connected and functional). And yes, a solar panel will charge your batteries.

Wait, why can’t I control my car now? I put everything in but it certainly doesn’t seem to work. Would adding the pedals back from earlier make me able to control it? I controls, and whether or not I need it I have a seat too.

Hm? All you need to control a vehicle is controls. Try "e"xamining the tile the controls are on (or use “^” while standing on them).

Could you maybe post a screenshot of your vehicle screen? It sounds like you’re missing a critical component somewhere.