My archery skill will not go up

It is odd but my archery skill does not seem to level up passed 4 with 62%. I have been using a long bow and it is very annoying not being able to level my archery so I can make better arrows.

it may be possible that you’re just out of focus

Speed at which ranged skills train depends on perception (though not a lot).

My focus is 67 and my per is 12. I am still stuck at 4:62.

I think its not a bug. rather, try with a more accurate bow. Or with mods + accurizing your existing bow.

I just up upgraded my bow to reflex recurve bow and I then killed 2 zomb bears and 3 zombies and it is still stuck. Btw I have fast leaner.

How’s morale looking for you? Past the first two or three levels of a skill, I myself find it insanely tedious, if not impossible, to try and level up skills without a constant supply of morale boosters, at least enough to keep focus at a steady 125+ before attempting any training. Even fast learner did little to alleviate that.

EDIT: BTW, five shots amounts to very little at that point, believe me.

Check in the “@” menu if the archery skill is a diferrent tone of blue/red compared to the other skills, if it is select it with the arrow keys and press enter.

It seems to me that you accidentally disabled skill learning for archery (which is toggled by pressing enter over the selected skill)

I checked my archery and it is not disabled. Also I tried raise my focus to a nice 125, but sadly only got a bit over 110. Then I killed a few things, and it is still 4:62. Now I am not sure completely how it works but I find it a bit odd that it stopped at 4:62. It seems more like a bug than anything else. It seems like it just stopped and it does not want to go up any more. Any more tips for you guys? I am very happy so far with all the help.

Do you shoot at things from afar or from close range? I think the farther the target is from you, the more skill increase you get.

Try shooting some 10-20 shot from at least 7-8 tiles away (if you have the latest experimentals and the options to wait a bit to increase confidence and steadiness - do so) and tell us if it goes up or not.

Also, try to use the best bow/arrows you can, with the least dispersion, try to mod your bow to the max too, if not already.

Ok guys thanks for all the help. I just started using wood arrows and my archery is now at 4:78. It seem to be that sharped metal arrows had to much dispersion.

cool, good luck :).

fletched metal arrows are the best, iirc.